6 Piece Cocktail Set by Motivaldi - Metallic, Black Finish

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6 Piece Cocktail Set by Motivaldi - Metallic, Black Finish


6 PIECES, 1 LOW COST: everything you need in one cocktail shaker bar set, including - Boston Cocktail Shaker, Juicer Press for Citrus, Double Jigger, Hawthorne Strainer, Mixing Spoon, Muddler, Storage Tin.


  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS: the Motivaldi set makes cocktail creation simple, with an easy-grip, tight seal when shaking, and easy dismantling. Even newbies can mix like the pros.
  • SLEEK & COMPACT: look cool while you shake your way through a boozy get-together or chic mocktail party. Elegant, classy, and easily stored inside a red and silver tin. Perfect for gifting, wrapped in a premium package.
  • DURABLE STAINLESS STEEL: 304-grade stainless steel is durable, rust-proof, and won’t break, (no matter how rowdy the party gets).
  • PROFESSIONAL-GRADE: a cocktail shaker bar set for pro bartenders, apprentices, and beginners with every tool needed to make any cocktail you can think of. Revive the classy culture of Mad Men, the skill of mixology, and make an artisanal cocktail bar in the comfort of home.

 The 6-Piece Motivaldi Mixology Bar Set Includes:


Two cups, one nestling inside another for a sleek modern style, the top choice of most pro bartenders working in high-end bars. Slip-free, leak-free shakers with a black metallic stainless steel finish.

  • Large: 3 ¾ “ diameter x 6 ¾ “
  • Small: 3.35 “ x 5.5”


A double-sided jigger made from durable stainless steel perfectly measures the correct alcohol and liquid amounts. A seamless design ensures easy cleaning without trapped liquids causing build-up over time.

  • 2 " diameter x 3 3/4" height
  • 1 oz & 2 oz


Every good mixology set needs a citrus press. The Motivaldi mixology kit lemon squeezer press fits lemons and limes, perfect for making whiskey sours or fresh margaritas from scratch.

This professional-grade food preparation tool is made to last party after party, drink after drink.

  • 5" diameter x 8.25" height


Even beginner mixologists need a strainer, as it allows liquids to pass into the serving glass, leaving ice and fruit in the Boston shaker.

The Hawthorne strainer fits with most standard mixing glasses and features a tight coil, wire ring, and a secure fit for slip-free straining.

  • 5" diameter x 5.5" height


A muddler is a must-have for crushing ingredients such as mint leaves, fruits, and citrus rinds. A serrated plastic end releases juices and flavors perfectly, with an easy-grip stainless steel handle. 

  • 5" diameter x 8" height


A professional-grade bar spoon with a long, twisted handle that’s easy to spin and stir cocktails in a long glass. Plus, it’s great for getting fruit and olives from the jar to add the final flourish.

  • 6" diameter x 10" height
  • 1 tsp (5ml)


No-one likes a lengthy clean-up session after a cocktail party. Good news, the Motivaldi bar shaker set is easy to clean. Just give it a quick rinse and polish with a cloth.

The toolset has been designed for easy cleaning with sleek lines and no crevices for sicky liquor to hide.


The Motivaldi cocktail shaker and toolset is made from high-quality, food-grade, 100% stainless steel for long-term use. The gunmetal black finish suits any home bar decor, with a sleek red and silver storage case.


A high-quality bartender kit complete with a cocktail shaker, lemon squeezer press, muddler, bar spoon, jigger, and cocktail strainer. The Motivaldi Mixology kit is a classy and cool gift for both men and women, arriving in a stylish package.

Whether it’s used as a martini shaker, beginner’s bartending kit, or margarita shaker, our drink mixer shaker set is the perfect way to treat a special pal or family member. Give as a man cave gift, wedding gift, housewarming gift for a new home, anniversary gift, birthday present, or a bachelor or bachelorette party accessory.

Get the party started anywhere with the portable and easy-to-use cocktail shaker set. Whip up a batch of margarita mix, martinis, whiskey cocktails, or non-alcoholic beverages such as mocktails and fresh lemonade.